Perhaps you have realised: In November, I have added two new images to the existing slider on the start page. The first two slider images (a German one and an English one) describe what is meant by ‘globali’ in general introducing then as a first step into the blog. Their topic is hence to feel secure and serene in the world (intercultural serene, interkulturell sicher).

The two new sliders (again a German one and an English one) now introduce into my coaching offers. Their topic is hence how to communicate effectively with people from other countries or cultures (interkulturell effektiv, intercultural effective).

As before, also the new slider images plot the empty maps of two cities. This time – and fully in line with the topic – they represent two cities in which different cultures blend in harmoniously. Have you recognised the cities? If not, let me help you with a small quiz.

Today, we are looking for the city on the German Coaching-Slider (interkulturell effektiv). Each of the following six images has something to do with it. Find out what they have in common and you know which city we are looking for. Enjoy!

Oh yes, again as the last times, you do not have to wait long for the solution. Just click here.

City Quiz No.3
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